Who am I?

Lynn Ray Stanphill. My background is extremely varied and diverse. Few people have my range of experiences in life, and there are few things I have not either experienced myself, or seen in life.

My intent is to help people re-evaluate their thoughts and opinions. The only areas I cover where you could argue are not based upon FACTS would be the Religion category - and even most of those discussions are based upon facts that are related to it.

Our world is in a very bad way today, and it's mainly due to the fact that too many people are swayed by emotional lies and deceit. If people are willing to set aside their emotional "feelings" and get back to making sold decisions based upon factual history, then we could turn things around and make our world a better place for all people.

Why a black and white website?

This website is about exposing truths in our world that most people appear to have forgotten, or choose to ignore. Most issues are truly black and white. There are very few situations with large gray areas, and most of those are not particularly important to the larger issues that effect our lives on a daily basis. Therefore, the website design and color choices was dictated by it's intent and purpose.

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