What Is Truth?

On the surface, it might appear a difficult question to answer.

But not really.

There is no such thing as multiple truths, or your truth vs my truth. No, there is only one truth.

Truth should be based upon FACTS. Truth should be LOGICAL. Truth should be easily REASONED.

Truth is not decided upon your feelings, or your emotional state, or upon what you have decided is truth.

We might disagree on the answer when it's related to philosophical, spiritual or religious aspects of life, but with all other applications, the truth will always be upheld with FACTS - not emotional feelings, or wants and desires, but FACTS. And even with those more ethereal discussions, you can still REASON them out with FACTS, most of the time, to determine what would be the most LOGICAL truth to apply and agree upon.

No - most of the wrong and terrible ideas and opinions people have on a full range of issues can be easily answered with REASON, LOGIC, and FACTS.

When people become angry ... when they become overly emotional about a topic of discussion ... when they raise their voice ... when they walk away in disgust ... when they make and poke fun of the topic or your opinion ... odds are ... they are wrong - or at a minimum ... extremely immature.

Join me as we question and help to provide our society and culture with clarity and answers to most of the issues in life, with this blog.

And ... I do promise one thing - this discussion will always be written in an easy to understand manner and language that the majority of people will easily understand. In other words, no Masters Degree dialogue here - LOL.

It is only a starting place ... but it is a beginning.


~ Lynn

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